List of Courses Provided by Edureka

If you have been wondering that what all courses are provided by edureka, then here is list which is going to help you out in the cause. The list is not at all ordered in any manner and completely random.

So you can find out whether or not the course you are looking forward to join, edureka provided classes for that or not. We try to keep this list as updated as possible. So in case we don’t have any course lited here, please bare with us. And do tell us, which one we missed out. You can comment below, and we will be happy to accept your help in our to give to the community.



  1. Seeba Mohan says:

    Hello Team,
    Could you please provide details on Prince2 and PMP Certification classes.

    Thank you.

    • Our team is working on getting reviews of all the courses up and running on the blog. It will take a week or two. Thank you for your Patience 🙂

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